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Newly Wed Couple

Weddings & Civil Partnerships

So, you're planning a wedding. Congratulations! There must be so much to think about! Let's have a chat, so you can find out what a celebrant like me can do to help you create your very own unique ceremony, as part of your celebrations. I offer a free 15 minute call or video chat to discuss

your ideas and tell you how I can help. 

Wedding fees, all inclusive
from £650
Weddings & Civil Ceremonies

Renewal of Vows/

There are many reasons why a formal legal marriage may not be suitable for you. A commitment ceremony gives you the opportunity to celebrate your love for each other and express your commitment to one another without legal rights or responsibilities and your marital status will not change.


A Commitment Ceremony is a meaningful way for adult couples, of any gender, to make a public declaration of their life-long commitment and love for each other.


You can hold your ceremony wherever you desire. In a local hotel, on a beach, in your own back garden!! You can surround yourselves with with your family and friends – or not! You can decide to make vows to one another and exchange rings. Readings and music can be included. Whatever the two of you have dreamt of. And I would be thrilled to help you make those dreams come true.


Call me to arrange a 15 minute free phone or video call to discuss your bespoke celebration.


Vow Renewal Fees from £550

renewal of vows.jpeg
Renewal of Vows & Commitments


Are you thinking of celebrating one of life's important milestones? It’s my job, as a celebrant to help you create a wonderful ceremony, whatever the occasion. So if you’d like to craft a ceremony to mark any other stage in your life’s journey, I’d be delighted to work with you.

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