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Weddings & Civil Partnerships

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Thinking about a Celebrant-led Wedding?


A celebrant-led wedding allows you to overcome the strict, traditional restrictions that are found in religious and registry office ceremonies. Yes, you still need to do the ‘legals’! However, this can be achieved by a quick signing of paperwork at your local register office. Sometimes called a ‘2+2’ this is a brief 15-minute appointment with no need for vows or rings, just two witnesses and the mandatory paperwork which completes the legal necessities for your marriage to be registered. This can take place earlier on the day of your celebration but often couples choose to do this a few days or a week or so beforehand which can make both occasions more relaxed!


Then you are free to have the special ceremony that you have dreamt of - to celebrate, to exchange vows and rings, to include your family and friends with music, readings and even choose to include symbolic actions that are meaningful to you both. Your celebration can be as traditional or alternative and creative as you want it to be. You can choose a venue that suits you, with no restrictions on time or place.


For your special ceremony, it's important to choose a celebrant who seems a good fit for you and your family. Someone who gets you, hears your story and with love and humour supports you through the preparations for your very special celebration.



If you decide to trust me with this precious task, I will take the time to get to know you over the weeks and months before the big day. I only accept one booking per day. This means that I can focus entirely on you and your guests, so that there is plenty of time to wait for late arrivals or implement Plan B, because of inclement weather! I will ensure that all goes to plan on the day and that you get the  unique and special ceremony that you have always dreamt about.

Fees from £650


Contact me to arrange a 15 minute free phone or video call

I live in Devon, but I accept ceremonies all over the world. (NB extra fees apply if your ceremony is more than 1 hour from my home.)

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